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Container Freight Services

Global CFS operates two bonded container freight stations that are open 24/7/365 and utilizes proprietary warehouse management software with customer access to provide real-time transparency to all shipments in our custody.

We break down, sort, segregate, load, and deliver an average of 8.5 million kilos per month. Global CFS can handle all freight types, including high-value cargo and Type 86 e-commerce shipments. 

Chicago-area Drayage and Nationwide Trucking

In Chicago, Global CFS owns and maintains its own fleet of 40+ power units and private chassis pool serving railroads across the entire metropolitan area and delivering within a 200 – 250-mile radius.

Throughout the continental United States, Global CFS operates full truckload services offering daily line hauls between key air cargo gateways. Our experienced solo and team drivers utilize state-of-the-art dispatch, GPS, and layered security protocols, contributing to our success moving hundreds of high-value loads per month.

E-Commerce Package Handling

Complementary to our airport recovery service, Global CFS operates a 115,000 square foot facility that receives, and segregates post-release Type 86 entries addressed to individual recipients. Upon arrival, Global sorts by carrier, dump to gaylords, scan shipments and deliver status messages via API, and performs daily deliveries to final mile providers.

Customs Exam Site

Awarded CES license number 1 by the U.S. Customs Service (now Customs and Border Protection) in 1985, Global CFS has been the preeminent CES operation in Chicago housing CBP officers in-house and working hand in hand providing the cargo deemed for intensive examinations for both air and sea imports.

Global has earned additional credentialing from CBP allowing for Anti-Terrorism Contraband Enforcement (A-TCET) Teams to be stationed in-house.

Airport Retrievals

SIDA-badged to access the aircraft operating area (AOA) at O’Hare International Airport since 2020, Global CFS is the largest private vendor serving the airport’s three largest ground handlers. We maintain direct relationships with handlers, airlines and forwarders, and on average handle upwards of 500 flights and 38 million kilograms (83 million pounds) of cargo per month. With 25 – 30 trucks operating per shift, Global CFS supports our customers by providing boots on the ground with two or more team members per shift on the tarmac assisting drivers and airline / ramp operations personnel.


Keeping with our reputation as a first-in-the-nation participant in cargo security programs, Global CFS in 2009 was enrolled as one of TSA’s first Certified Cargo Screening Facilities (CCSF). Today, Global CFS offers freight forwarders both ETD and canine options to screen a wide variety of cargo. After screening, Global CFS can provide cargo build-up and ULD, and loose air freight truck transfer in secured and monitored vehicles with active STA-holding drivers.

Warehouse Management System

Visibility to cargo on-hand and the ability to monitor and direct it is key. Global’s proprietary WMS platform provides employees dispatching and monitoring capabilities, including location for refrigerated cargo, and remote temperature and humidity monitoring. A four-person team walks our warehouse floors daily taking inventory on tablets and reconciles cargo physically on-hand with what our system reflects. Special attention is paid to split and dwelling shipments.  

Facility Management

We also provide facility management and labor to freight forwarders who have a building but rely on our expertise to operate their CFS efficiently. This allows a soup-to-nuts approach where we can retrieve cargo planeside, perform traditional CFS services, and make the final mile delivery. This streamlines the entire process and allows forwarders to focus on growing their business.

Security and Technology

Global CFS has earned a reputation as a company that invests in compliance, technology and security. The layered solution that incorporates physical and electronic surveillance, compartmentalized access controls, an always-open Operations Control Center (OCC) and employees with years – decades, in some cases – experience contribute to a culture of safety, integrity and security that make Global the preeminent choice of custom house brokers and freight forwarders nationwide.

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